Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th Weekend

Our sons from Denmark have been visiting here at Purple Rock Farm. We spent the holiday weekend visiting family near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

24 Hr Memphis Run Update and now from the Runner

"stupid is as stupid does" and that is coming from a guy who "just loves to run" - we all understood Forest was different, me crazy different. I have done and NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL TRY ANOTHER 24 hour run or 100 miles. For those of you in the running club let me tell you, David Hughes needs a big, huge, award for running 13 100 miles in 12 months - something is really wrong with him. I am disappointed that I missed my first goal of 83 and I had time on the clock when I took myself out at 80 but I am not sure I had any brain power or tank power, literally I was numb at that point.

Just a few highlights - I went out too fast, no really it is hard to believe that I would do that but I did, I was suppose to maintain a 13 and some change pace. I was around 9:30's and 10:00's for too many miles, but I felt good "famous last words". When it got dark I noticed I my soreness more. I took some Alleve and that helped to some degree. My food of choice was plain cheese burgers from McDonald's I ate four of them over the course of 24 hours. I ate Chex Mix, Scoops, apples, some candy and my favorite drink sweet tea. I had water or gatorade about every mile. I had half a GU at the start and that was all I could take. The winning 9 year old girl ran 18 miles. She could have done more I know for a fact but at some point, no idea what time this may have been but she and her little friend past me (okay than that meant it was at least 7:00am) and they were almost to the lap recorder when they veried left for the play ground. I thought how wonderful to keep our priorities straight. I took some naps the first one was because I was literally falling asleep while running, that was sort of a strange feeling. I would wander right, then left and jump when a relay runner would pass me. Back at the site I told Trav I needed 30 minutes to sleep - heck I should have taken an hour but it was a hard core approach at mile 55. Then I went back around 62 and slept for three hours, my tank was empty and Trav was already asleep so that made it easy. I was up at 6:00am and it was freezing it was almost too cold to move but I knew that would be the only way to stay warm. Trav was cheering me to keep going. Then he told me he was going back to the hotel, I knew that was my chance to sleep again, wonderful sleep. When he got back to the camp site he had no idea I was snoozing in the tent. I was up at 7:00am I think, times were not easy to compute at that point (or really any point, Nicole is good at running and doing math). At that point I changed clothes for the third time and just wanted 80 miles and when 80 came, I went.
I was surprised to be the overall female winner, lucky year for me. I won some really cool things in a Haiti gift basket. This race went to support a medical mission in Haiti. What a blessing to run to the point of exhaustion for two good causes. I could have never done any of this if it were not for Trav taking care of me. When he was a round I would have my sweet tea poured into a cup for me to drink. When he was not around I drank straight from the jug. He would help me, motivate me, make me laugh and be the wonderful partner that he is to me, GOD has so blest me.
Upon returning to the hotel I almost pulled another stink and go to sleep moment (read the CKRR newsletter for October I was tempted just to put on sweats and climb into bed - at that point I had been "up" for 33 hours. I went for the cold bath warm bath and thought before dozing off I should thank you all for your support and kindness.
In the quiet times when running I find myself closer to GOD and in HIS meditation, what a blessing.
Rest well my friends -

24 Hr Memphis Run Overall Female Winner

Congratulations to Gina

Overall Winner - All Females

Done! 80 miles

Done! 80 Miles
I'm very proud of what she has done. She is fine, hungry and sleepy but OK.Thank you all for your support

24 Hr Marathon Update 12:35 PM

I think we are to around 70 or so. she is to that no expression phase. normally each time she runs by, she waves and i get a smile. now, there is the zone factor. no expression, just a determined straight-ahead look. ...but she still going with about 4 hours to go. trav

24 Hr Marathon Update 9:30 AM

I just came back to the hotel to get cleaned up. When I left she was on her 64th mile and doing much better. When I asked if she needed anything before I left, she replied, "a new body"...she's back in the game.

24 Hr Marathon Update 7:06 AM

This is not good. At 55 miles she began falling asleep while running. she then found herself back in the tent for a bit more rest. at about 6:45 she got up to hit the track again eventhough everything is hurting. trav